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Stoking the world's strongest furnace into old age: senescence and metabolism in thick-billed murres

by カイル・ハミッシュ・エリオット(Kyle Hamish Elliott)


Birds have a very high metabolism, and yet they live longer than similarly-sized mammals. How can they accomplish this feat? The talk will examine how a murres, seabirds with very high metabolism--the highest movement energetics of any animal--are able to live for several decades in the cold Arctic environment.

Sex differences in spatial memory in Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater): context matters

by メラニー・ギグノー(Mélanie F Guigueno)


Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater) are obligate brood parasites. Like cuckoos, cowbirds rely solely on other species to raise their young. Female cowbirds search for hosts nest without help from the males. We tested cowbirds on non-ecologically and ecologically relevant spatial memory tasks to determine whether sex differences in cognition reflected behavioural sex difference in the wild.

会場:MUSEUM Cafe&diner
* いつものlampではないのでご注意ください!
* 語り手は英語で講演しますが、スライドには和訳がついています。また、日本語で解説も行いますので、お気軽にお越しください。